SP471 - C6 17" Brushless Fan Kit

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  • Single 17-inch high performance brushless SPAL radiator fan
  • Fits 2005-2013 C6 Corvette, replacing stock cooling fan package
  • SP471 works with DeWitts Direct Fit® Pro radiators
  • SP471SC works only with DeWitts Direct Fit® Pro “short” radiators
  • Factory cooling fan control is bypassed for our stand alone PWM fan control
  • Custom aluminum fan shroud makes installation easy

Increase Cooling Capacity on Your C6 Corvette with a Brushless Cooling Fan Upgrade

With a factory computer controlled cooling fan it is often difficult to increase cooling system efficiency without having to hack the factory parts up and cobble things together to try and upgrade the cooling system’s electric cooling fan. At DeWitts we know Corvette owners are above that and want something that is a bolt-in solution that provides a solid cooling improvement as well. Our engineers have put together a great brushless electric cooling fan upgrade using SPAL fans that does just that; bolts right in and delivers an improvement in air flow.

Our brushless fan kits for the C6 Corvette are designed to mount to our own aluminum Direct Fit® Pro Series performance radiators, both our standard height and “short” version radiators available for supercharged C6 Corvettes. These kits use a SPAL 17-inch brushless cooling fan to keep your temps in check. The included custom aluminum fan shroud that houses the fan provides full radiator core coverage. Air pressure relief flaps are fitted to allow air to pass through at speed to prevent air stalling against the fan blades. These flaps close during low speed driving or when stopped to optimize air flow through the core by the fan’s blades.

All SPAL electric fans feature IP68 rated waterproof and sealed motors that are fully balanced with low-noise blade designs. This electric cooling fan kit is designed to bolt directly to your DeWitts Direct Fit® Pro Series aluminum crossflow radiator. Your C6 Corvette’s factory fan wiring will no longer be used to control your fan, as this brushless fan is pulse width modulated (PWM) for greater control of the fan’s cooling needs. We provide a special variable temperature switch and upper hose adapter mounting tube to connect this cooling fan package. Designed to soft start at 165 degrees and ramp up in power/fan rpm as needed to 185 degrees.


32-SP471 DeWitts Direct Fit® Pro Series two row radiators

32-SP471SC DeWitts Direct Fit® Pro Series “short” two row radiators

Kit Contents:

  • SPAL 17" brushless fan. (30107035)
  • Custom made full aluminum shroud to fit DeWitt's C6 Radiator
  • Variable Temperature control sensor (SBL-TS02) temperature range from 165-185 degree
  • Fan harness adapter (SBL-TS-HARN)
  • Jumper harness (SBL-YAZ-PT)
  • Top inlet in-line hose adapter to hold temperature sensor

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