1967-1968 BB Restoration Radiator

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Selected Part Number: 32-BC67M
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Model: 32-BC67M

  • Complete correct Harrison four row copper brass radiator assembly
  • Features correct channels with square and round holes, cut outs, and dimples
  • Soldered core and end tanks for original appearance
  • Factory-sized inlet and outlet connection locations
  • Fits 1966-1968 Corvette with big block option and 1968 small block with A/C
  • Radiators are assembled in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty
  • Original GM part number and “MK” ID tag attached to right end tank
  • Press formed end tanks include correct rib pattern
  • “Fill Cold” and “Harrison” embossment reproduced as originals
  • Serpentine cooling fins deliver optimum airflow across core tubes for cooling
  • Black Ice two-part epoxy coating standard on restoration radiator models

Concours Ready Looks with Cooling Ability to Match; That’s The DeWitts Way

The second generation of Corvette, built from 1963-1967, is often referred to as the C2, but some call them “mid-year” Corvettes or “Sting Ray” models (note spelled as two words, versus the later C3 generation’s “Stingray”). One thing most can agree on is that these C2 Corvette years are beautiful cars that every enthusiast dreams of owning, however the limited five-year production run and just over 100,000 built means they often command a premium these days.

The original Harrison Radiator manufactured design that GM used on the C2 Corvette is what is known as a plate style configuration. However, GM’s Harrison Radiator division moved to a more traditional tube and fin cross flow design with end tanks later in C2 production for the big block optioned models. We knew that to satisfy NCRS and other high-end judging criteria that our restoration-style C2 Corvette radiator had to be made in the same way as the original Harrison copper brass radiator and we use much of the original Harrison tooling to do so.


Built Like the Original with Looks That Will Please the Judges

Using the original Harrison Radiator design, we manufacture our restoration DeWitts radiator for the C2 big block Corvette using original copper and brass materials for the utmost in originality for your big block powered C2 Corvette. Our C2 big block Corvette restoration radiator can remove up to 4,242 BTUs of heat from your cooling system with our efficient core design and high density cooling fins. DeWitts hand solders this copper brass radiator, just like the originals, so there are no modern assembly features at the seams to lose points on the show field with. Each unit is pressure tested and given our Black Ice epoxy coating for the perfect correct appearance, just like our other restoration-style DeWitts radiators.


C2 Corvette Big Block Restoration Radiator Details

For our restoration radiator we include the original GM part number (3008567) and properly coded ID tag affixed to the radiator’s passenger side end tank. The top plate of the Corvette radiator features the correct shape and includes both square and round punched holes as the original along with center channel dimples. The press formed end tanks are created with original tooling for the utmost in correct appearance. Finally, the original embossed “Fill Cold” and “Harrison” markings are in their correct locations as well. Besides the ’66-’68 Corvette big block application this radiator is also correct for ’68 Corvette with small block and manual transmission with factory air conditioning. Finally, be sure to add some DeWitts High Performance coolant to your order to protect your cooling system and help it achieve maximum thermal capabilities.


32-BC66M & 32-BC67M

Radiator Style:

Single Pass

Radiator Flow Direction:


Material Type:

Copper Brass

Inlet Location:

Driver side

Outlet Location:

Passenger side

Row Quantity:


Tube Size:


Core Width:


Core Height:


Overall Width:


Core Thickness:


Overall Thickness:


Overall Height:


Cap Included:




Filler Neck Height:


Inlet Size:


Outlet Size:


Cooler Thread Size:


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