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Why DeWitts?

Experience the difference. DeWitts aluminum radiators are assembled in Michigan and we control the manufacturing process in-house. Our CAB brazing furnace allows us to produce the finest aluminum cores in the industry. DeWitts has the flexibility to build custom aluminum radiators in several tube widths and fin designs. DeWitts Radiators is one of the most respected manufacturers of Direct Fit™ radiators in the country, building radiators for many makes and models of performance vehicles. Over 15 years ago they began producing Corvette radiators and expanded their line to include many other brands and models. Our experience base ensures that you get a well-made DeWitts Radiator that fits right the first time. Your vehicle's radiator is a crucial system, keeping your engine at an optimal temperature. If your radiator isn't in proper working order, you could be causing other engine components to overheat. At DeWitts Radiator, our team members know that there is no substitute for quality products and can help you find the right radiator cooling products to keep your vehicle running at its best all year long.