“The BEAST” 500W Brushless Fan Kit

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Fan Kit
  • Large and powerful 16” surface mount puller brushless fan
  • Wiring requires no harness or computer modifications
  • Kit includes everything needed: fan, harness, jumper, and temp sensor
  • Features a 500 Watt sealed brushless motor with a 40,000-hour use life
  • Quiet pulse-modulated variable speed operation
  • Low amp draw soft start technology with 175 degrees on and variable to 195 degrees full speed

The BEAST leads the pack in the SPAL brushless revolution. This is the most powerful flush-mount puller fan available. Using a 16” diameter 7-blade configuration, you can expect a true 2,433 CFM of pure pulling performance. The BEAST mounts easily using four mounting tabs with holes positioned to match existing brushed fan options, making the upgrade and installation quick and easy.

The new SPAL brushless fans were developed and designed with cutting-edge technology, high-energy ferrite magnets, and a state-of-the-art sine wave sensorless drive. These motors reach more than 82% electrical efficiency, placing the 500-watt power range products among the most efficient motors anywhere. The result is high air-side performance at minimum electrical load. The brushless motor is fully sealed to be IP68 and IP6K9K compliant and can operate in the presence of many aggressive or hazardous substances.

Kit Includes:


  • (1) 32-SP30107328 BEAST Fan
  • (1) 32-SP-JUMPER Fan Plug Jumper
  • (1) 32-SP-TSHARN Switch Harness
  • (1) 32-SBL-TS-195P Temperature Sensor


These fans need to be wired directly to the battery. The temp sensor can be placed inline or directly into the radiator tank using a 3/8” NPT female bung. Complete wiring instructions are included with each kit which includes an optional override for A/C equipped cars or an instant full speed switch. DO NOT attach this fan directly to the radiator core. This fan requires a flat mounting surface with a minimum 5/8” gap between it and the radiator core.


Brushless Fan Features:

  • PWM and analog input for continuous adjustment of fan speed.
    • Open collector diagnostic output.
    • Meets EMC directives: 2006/28/EC.
    • Low-weight motor.
    • Higher ambient working temperature.
    • Protection against:
        Overcurrent and overvoltage
                                    Mechanical overload
                                    Locked rotor
                                    Load dump
  • High efficiency and low power consumption.
    • Low noise, vibration, and harshness.
    • Electronic controls with on-board diagnostics.
    • Motor with integrated electronics.
    • Battery compensation system.
    • Proprietary sine-wave sensorless drive (SPAL-patent).
    • Low inertia inner rotor design.

Cooling Fan Type:             Electric
Fan Quantity:                     Single
Fan Diameter:                    16”
Minimum Fan RPM:        850 RPM
Maximum Fan RPM:        3,150 RPM

Max Sustained CFM:       2,433 CFM
Fan Flow Type:                  Puller
Rotation:                             Counterclockwise/Reverse
Blade Type:                         Non-Flex
Blade Style:                         Curved
Blade Count:                      7-blade
Blade Material:                 Plastic
Blade Color:                        Black
Hub Material:                    Plastic
Hub Color:                           Black
Starting Amps:                   1 amps
Running Amps:                  33 amps
Voltage:                               12 volts

For a complete list of specifications, please click here: Specs Sheet

Wiring Instructions

LIT0017 Brushless Wiring Instructions

California Proposition 65 Statement