January 10, 2020Howell, MI - DeWitts Radiator is proud to announce the achievement of ISO 9001:2015 certification at its Howell, Michigan location. ISO is one of the most rigorous and well-regarded standards in the world. The newest version of the ISO Certification is the most updated standard of its kind... [Details]

cheap aluminum radiators from Ebay

FROM CORVETTEFORUM C5 TECH SECTION  marc a CF Senior Member  $161 Radiator Installed          04-01-2017, 05:03 PM Bought this radiator (On Ebay) . 2 Rows/Dual cores. The tank is twice as wide as the OE version. Welds look great. The mounting tangs for fans and condenser are in the right location and... [Details]

What is serpentine fin

Automotive radiators use a thin foil material, rolled formed into a corrugated pattern, to transfer heat from the cooling tubes to the air. During the roll forming process small windows or louvers are stamped into the foil. The louvers are formed in a group on one half of the material... [Details]

C5 Corvette Transmission Fittings

In 2001, GM  changed the transmission cooler mid model year. At this time, the connection fitting switched from the old flare tube and nut to a newer metric quick connect fitting. One way to identify which model you have is look at the retaining nut holding the cooler in the... [Details]

Who makes aluminum radiators?

DeWitts Radiator builds aluminum radiators and we are one of the few companies that actually own an aluminum brazing furnace. Many companies claim to make aluminum radiators when in reality they just purchase the components and assemble radiators. Some companies may not make anything at all and just re-sell a... [Details]

Are Extruded Cooling Tubes Better

One radiator company is now touting a “revolutionary advancement in cooling technology”. A bold statement like this deserves to be investigated...  What is this big break through? it is Extruded Cooling Tubes (ECT) and it is not that revolutionary. In fact it’s not even new, as this technology has been around... [Details]

Why Do Aluminum Radiators Cool Better Than Copper?

Copper is actually a better conductor of heat than aluminum. The problem is a copper radiator is not ALL copper. The tubes and fin are copper however they are bonded together with lead, which has horrible heat transfer capabilities. The end tanks are brass and the side channels are steel. The... [Details]


Many companies offer radiators configured as a double-pass or triple-pass design and the name can be a little misleading. On the surface, a double-pass radiator sounds like the fluid goes through the radiator two times and that is not the case.     A double-pass design is nothing more than a... [Details]

What coolant should I use with an aluminum radiator?

The key to maximizing the life of an aluminum radiator is not so much the coolant brand as it is the water type. All coolants sold today will protect the aluminum radiators adequately however distilled water must be part of the package. Concentrated coolants create a potential problem because this... [Details]