C7 Corvette 19" Brushless Electric Fan

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Selected Part Number: 32-SP477
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  • Direct replacement for stock electric cooling fan
  • Plug-and-play wiring that requires no computer modifications
  • Aluminum shroud covers 100 percent of the radiator core
  • Increases fan diameter from 14 inches to 19 inches
  • Features 835 watt brushless motor, an improvement of nearly 40 percent
  • Available for stock/Direct Fit® Pro Series and Direct Fit® HP Series radiators

    Cool Your C7 Corvette in the Harshest of Track Environments

    Corvettes do many things quite well. From hot lapping the drag strip to stretching its legs on the road course, or even taking in a cross-country road trip, the Corvette has the power, handling, braking, and comfort to handle anything you can throw at it. That is until you notice the temp gauge climbing, that sweet tattle tale whiff of coolant, and steam exiting your hood gaps when the stock cooling system is overwhelmed by aftermarket high performance upgrades.

    Adding a DeWitts Direct-Fit® radiator is certainly a step in the right direction for your 2014-2019 C7 Corvette. However, if you really like to push your C7’s engine hard increasing the air flow through your radiator’s core is extremely important as well. Adding our C7 Corvette 19-inch electric fan kit to your Corvette’s cooling system is a simple bolt-on solution to help the stock radiator or further improve upon the installation of one of our Direct Fit® Pro Series or HP Series DeWitts radiator.

    Powerful OEM Spec Motor and Blades for Optimum Efficiency

    We didn’t simply fit the largest fan possible and call it good. No, our engineers worked with SPAL to find an OEM level fan and motor assembly that would not only last but have increased airflow cfm with minimal noise while providing a factory-style wiring connection for a plug-and-play cooling solution. This 19-inch fan features 11 curved cooling blades and is mounted to a modern brushless fan motor assembly that features an impressive 835 watts of power that works with the stock fan controller hardware and software to work seamlessly on your C7 Corvette without any special tuning, wire splicing, or add on fan controller. Our custom aluminum fan shroud is assembled in house using top quality materials to completely cover the radiator core for 100 percent coverage.

    Bolt On Installation Accomplished with Standard Hand Tools

    Since our 19-inch cooling fan upgrade is a direct swap for the factory 14-inch fan and plastic shroud it is simple hand tool work to make the upgrade happen in your home garage. Installation does require removal of the stock hood duct for clearance. Remove the stock fan and shroud assembly, bolt our 19-inch fan and shroud in place, remove the hood duct, and plug the fan into your stock wiring harness and you’re ready to get back on the road. It’s that easy. Be sure to add some DeWitts High Performance coolant to your order to protect your cooling system and help it achieve maximum thermal capabilities too!

    C7 19-inch Cooling Fan Upgrade Applications:

    32-SP477 (DeWitts Radiator Direct Fit® Pro Series 57mm & stock radiator)

    32-SP478 (Fits DeWitts Radiator Direct Fit® HP Series 70mm radiator only)


    Watch an informational video about our fan upgrade below!

     California Proposition 65 Statement

    California Proposition 65 Statement