1993-2002 Gen 4 Camaro/Firebird Direct Fit® Radiator

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Model: 32-1139007M (Natural/Manual)
Model: 32-1139007A (Natural/Auto)
Model: 32-1239007M (Black/Manual)
Model: 32-1239007A (Black/Auto)


Model: 32-1149007M (Natural/Manual)
Model: 32-1149007A (Natural/Auto)
Model: 32-1249007M (Black/Manual)
Model: 32-1249007A (Black/Auto)

In 1993, GM introduced the LT1 engine as a 5.0-liter V8 and it was incorporated into the GEN 4 Camaro/Firebird at launch. The OE radiator construction was a single row with plastic end tanks and a gasket seal. DeWitts engineered a high-performance and more robust cooling package featuring dual rows, TIG welded press-formed aluminum end tanks, and additional cooling capacity radiator. In 1998, the LS1 became available in a 5.7-liter V8 as a more modern and powerful option. Some models, such as the Camaro SS and Z28 featured enhanced versions of this powerplant with improved intake and exhaust systems resulting in even higher horsepower ratings. These same DeWitts cooling options continued to tame all levels of cooling needs and driving conditions. Toward the end of the GEN 4 Camaro production run, the SS and Z28 models were equipped with the LS6 engine starting in 2001. This 5.7-liter V8 was even more powerful as a high-performance variant of the LS1. Upgrades included improved cylinder heads, a high-lift camshaft, and a revised intake manifold. The same DeWitts Pro-Series Direct Fit® radiator maintained optimal cooling performance for this engine iteration as well.  

Gen 4 Camaro/Firebird models feature a low coolant sensor on the 1998-2001 model years. This radiator does not provide a port for the OE low coolant sensor. The low coolant sensor can be eliminated by adding our 32-E112 bypass to the wiring harness. Simply unplug the OE sensor from the harness and plug in the DeWitts bypass in its place.  

This Pro-Series aluminum radiator features two rows of 1.0" wide cooling tubes which provide a 25% increase in cooling performance. Our Direct Fit® aluminum radiators feature factory-type press-formed end tanks, serpentine fins, and factory-type upper and lower channels. Each radiator core is assembled and brazed in our state-of-the-art aluminum brazing furnace. DeWitts radiators are also epoxy-free and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Direct Fit® is our official trademark and it means your radiator will fit, without modifications.

Depending on the specific model and engine configuration, the GEN 4 models may have a single or dual fan package outfitted on the vehicle from the factory. Engines range from the 3.4-liter V6 to the 5.7-liter LS6 V8. Issues may arise with these aging OE fans which include abnormal noise, lack of operation, and/or overheating. 

DeWitts developed an aluminum shroud using two SPAL 12" high-performance fans providing 3280 cfm, which doubles the factory output. The shroud incorporates (4) four rubber flapper valves to improve airflow at high speeds and close at slower speeds. The kit is plug and play being the fans have matching fan plugs, so no cutting or splicing on the harness is required.

This fan upgrade is not included with the radiator and must be purchased separately using part # 32-SP015

California Proposition 65 Statement

California Proposition 65 Statement