1961-62 Aluminum Radiator

  • 1961-62 Aluminum Radiator
  • 1961-62 Aluminum Radiator
  • 1961-62 Aluminum Radiator

Pro Series (2 row 1.0")

Model: 1139061M

This radiator features a double row (1.0" tubes) core and the same cast aluminum necks used on the original radiator. It will fit into the core support without any modifications and it offers 25% more cooling than replacement copper/brass radiators. 

Model 1139061A

Same Direct Fit radiator as above with an internal transmission cooler to eliminate the separate factory cooler

Model: 1239061M


Model: 4139061M (Natural Finish)
Model: 4239061M (Black Ice)

The two models listed above include our Direct Fit aluminum radiator and the Spal 16" Fan. The fan is mounted directly to the radiator with a full coverage aluminum shroud. This package is designed to eliminate the factory engine driven fan and shroud. The factory shroud will fit over the electric fan if you prefer to keep it in place. The kit includes one SP195FH wire harness.

HP Series (2 Row 1.25")

A great choice for cars with AC and/or modified motors!            Please note these models are a special order and allow for 1-2 week delivery.

Model:  1149061M  (Natural/man)          
Model:  1249061M (Black/Man)                     
Model:  4149061M (Combo/Nat/Man)      
Model:  4249061M (Combo/Black/Man)  


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