1963-1972 Restoration Radiator

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  • Complete correct Harrison aluminum radiator “plate style” assembly with clamp marks
  • Controlled atmosphere furnace brazed core for original looks
  • Cools better than a traditional copper/brass four core radiator
  • Factory-sized inlet, outlet, and surge tank connection locations
  • Radiators are assembled in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty
  • Original GM part number stamped into radiator top plate on all models
  • Optional build date code stamped into radiator top plate along with OEM decal
  • Serpentine cooling fins deliver optimum airflow across core tubes for cooling
  • Optional 1,918 cfm single 16-inch electric cooling fan package available
  • Black Ice two-part epoxy coating on all restoration radiator models
  • Full wiring harness kit included with the pre-mounted single fan package

    Concours Ready Looks with Cooling Ability to Match; That’s The DeWitts Way

    The second generation of Corvette, built from 1963-1967, is often referred to as the C2, but some call them “mid-year” Corvettes or “Sting Ray” models (note spelled as two words, versus the later C3 generation’s “Stingray”). One thing most can agree on is that these C2 Corvette years are beautiful cars that every enthusiast dreams of owning, however the limited five-year production run and just over 100,000 built means they often command a premium these days.

    The original Harrison Radiator manufactured design that GM used on the C2 Corvette is what is known as a plate style configuration. This design is lighter than any traditional style copper/brass radiator of the time and once assembled and furnace brazed the complete assembly acts as a cooling surface. We knew that to satisfy NCRS and other high-end judging criteria that our restoration-style C2 Corvette radiator had to be made in the same way as the original Harrison aluminum radiator and we use much of the original Harrison tooling to do so.


    Built Like the Original with Looks That Will Please the Judges

    Using the original Harrison Radiator plate style design, we manufacture our DeWitts restoration radiators for the C2 Corvette using premium aluminum materials for strength and weight savings. With cooling efficiency that of a typical four core copper/brass radiator, independent testing has shown that the DeWitts radiators will outperform a brass replacement radiator by almost 30 percent. Our C2 Corvette restoration radiator can remove up to 4,600 BTUs of heat from your cooling system. A comparable four core copper/brass radiator will remove only 3,290 BTUs. Our restoration radiators are fully furnace brazed, just like the originals, so there are no visible TIG welding marks at the seams to lose points on the show field with.


    C2 Corvette Restoration Radiator Options

    For our restoration radiator models, 32-941 and 32-942, we stamp the original GM part number (3155316) into the top plate of the Corvette radiator. Using your specified date code, we stamp the production date code into the top of the radiator as well along with a correct appearing inspection ink stamping after the radiator is coated. Finally, a reproduction Harrison aluminum radiator maintenance decal is applied in the correct position for that finishing touch.

    Additionally, we offer our C2 Corvette radiator in a “non-detailed” model with a natural aluminum finish without the part number stamping, date code, and reproduction decal. These are perfect for C2 Corvette owners that want a quality cooling solution that bolts right in but are not concerned about authenticity for the show field. We even offer a model with a SPAL 16-inch electric cooling fan pre-mounted for those that need to cool a modified engine all while fitting in the confines of the original cooling system configuration.

    Our complete line of surge tanks are the perfect addition for your C2’s show winning correct cooling system build and can be mounted in the engine compartment’s original factory location. They are constructed using the original Harrison Radiator tooling and come date coded to your Corvette as well. Finally, be sure to add some DeWitts High Performance coolant to your order to protect your cooling system and help it achieve maximum thermal capabilities.


    DeWitts Radiator Application Guide:

    1963-1964 Small Block Mounting with 2-inch Wide Top Bracket

    32-942 (restoration radiator with part number and date code, black)

    32-942B (non-detailed radiator without date code, natural finish)


    1965-1967 Small Block and 1969-1972 Small Block Base Model

    32-941 (restoration radiator with part number and date code, black)

    32-941B (non-detailed radiator without date code, natural finish)


    1965-1967 Small Block and 1969-1972 Small Block Base Model

    32-SP020 (non-detailed radiator, 16-inch electric fan, natural finish)

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