1965-1972 Restoration Radiator

  • 1965-1972 Restoration Radiator
  • 1965-1972 Restoration Radiator

Model: 941

This radiator debuted in the 1965 Corvette and was used exclusively on all Small block Corvettes until 1967. Starting in 1968 it was also used on base engine small block Corvettes that were equipped with a manual transmission and without air conditioning until 1972.

This radiator is reproduced to appear 100% original in every detail and is licensed by General Motors Corporation. Considered a high-performance radiator, it was standard equipment for 365 HP engines and cars with air conditioning. Independent testing has shown that this radiator will out perform a brass replacement radiator by almost 30%. It is 100% furnace brazed, which means you will not see any heli-arc welding at all.

The part number (3155316) is stamped into the top left of the radiator and the date code is just below the part number. 4600 BTU rated


Model: SP020

This is a great solution for cooling a high-performance small-block engine or even a BIG BLOCK upgrades. This package can be used in the original factory small block mounting support, stock hoses, and the fan shroud can be eliminated completely or remain to hide the fan. The assembly includes the factory plate type aluminum (941)radiator and the Spal 16" fan (2360 cfm). The kit includes one SP195FH wire harness.


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