1965 396 Early Restoration Radiator

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Model: 32-945

This radiator was first used on the 1965 396 cu. in. big block Corvettes. This option (L78) was late in coming out and was not available until about February of 1965. The first few cars used our (945) early version (GM 3005936), which features a straight upper hose connection from the small block radiator. The tube was changed to a curved upper neck (955) about vin. number 16000. GM then changed the part number to 3007436 and it was used on the majority of the 2,157 1965 big blocks produced.

The same (3007436) radiator returned in 1967 for the L88 option (20) and continued in 1968 (80) and 1969 (116). The small block ZR-1 option cars and the LT-1 with the heavy-duty (M22) transmission was also equipped with this radiator.

During the sixties, many racing teams used this radiator in cars other than Corvette. Penske racing used it in several Camarou2019s. Due to the lightweight design, small size, and high cooling performance, this radiator was the best radiator available for many years. It was capable of cooling the 425 horsepower of the 396 and was yet only 2u201d bigger than the 3155316.

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