1967-1972 Chevrolet C10 Truck Direct Fit® Radiator

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  • Complete aluminum radiator assembly with no plastic end tanks or rubber gaskets
  • Two row radiator core design with dual 1-inch-wide tubes for maximum cooling
  • Press formed end tanks fully welded to core with no gaskets or epoxy construction
  • Factory-sized cooling hose inlet and outlet connections
  • Direct Fit® upgrade means just that, with no modifications needed to your C10 truck
  • Radiators are assembled in the U.S.A. with a lifetime warranty
  • Radiator core features factory style upper and lower channels
  • Serpentine cooling fins deliver optimum airflow across core tubes for cooling
  • Optional internal transmission oil cooler utilizes stock line fittings
  • Dual 11-inch electric 2,720 cfm cooling fan package available
  • Electric fan temperature switch mounted in end tank to minimize wiring
  • Black Ice two-part epoxy coating available on all aluminum radiator models
  • Controlled atmosphere furnace brazed core with TIG welded end tanks
  • Full wiring harness kit included with the pre-mounted dual fan package
* GM offered two mounting bracket kits for different thickness radiators, you will need the 4-core wider version kit.

    Make Sure Your C10 Keeps Its Cool No Matter What You’re Hauling

    The General Motors C10 line of full size pickup trucks have a strong and loyal following. As GM’s direct competitor to Ford’s F-series pickups and Dodge’s D-series pickups, they were used for many things throughout lengthy ownerships. From hauling materials, pulling trailers, and handling duties on the farm or out in the field, to being a rugged and ready second vehicle for the family, these C-series trucks have certainly left their mark. Today they are popular foundations for everything from award winning show vehicles to auto crossers, to drag racers. No matter what your first generation C-10 does today for you, keeping its engine running at the proper temperature is critical.


    Designed to Fit Your 1967-1972 C10 Truck with Zero Modifications to Install

    Our Pro Series Direct Fit® C10 aluminum radiator is built using the highest quality aluminum materials, assembled, furnace brazed, and TIG welded all in our Wixom, Michigan facility (just 30 mins up I-96 from GM’s corporate headquarters at the Renaissance Center). Each custom aluminum radiator carries a limited lifetime warranty, is pressure tested, and carefully double wall boxed with insulation to ensure it makes the trip to you and keeps your project moving forward.

    Our press formed end tanks provide an OE appearance and mean you won’t have any fitment issues. Flat plate welded end tanks that our competitors use rarely have this luxury, requiring modifications to your truck’s core support or replacing the C10 radiator brackets to fit the larger radiator. Using a two-row core built with 1-inch-wide core tubes and serpentine cooling fins (which is equivalent to a four-core copper/brass radiator) maximizes air flow contact through the core to pull away the most heat, no matter the demand on the system.

    Our Direct Fit® C10 radiator allows you to easily bolt in the best aluminum radiator for your 1967-1972 C10 project. Not only is our single pass crossflow radiator design a hassle-free install, but we have properly fitted our high performance radiator with the correctly located inlet and outlet radiator hose fittings at a total weight of just 18 pounds. A pair of SPAL 11-inch cooling fans with pre-installed coolant temperature sensor and complete wiring harness is available as an option. Automatic transmission-equipped models feature an internal cooler in the passenger side tank that accepts stock transmission cooler line fittings. Our Black Ice two-part epoxy coating option is a semi-gloss black finish that provides an OE-like look for those that want to keep things low key under the hood.


    C10 Pickup Pro Series Direct Fit® Radiator Options

    We offer Direct Fit® C10 truck radiators for the first three generations of C10 trucks, as well as LS swap radiators for 1963-1987 C10 pickups for those that have dropped in GM’s latest small block. The optional SPAL dual 11-inch cooling fan solution, rated at 2,720 cfm, comes preinstalled to the radiator core when ordered, as does the fan’s temperature sensor. A complete fan wiring harness is included with a relay for each fan. We recommend one of our DeWitts logo billet 15 psi radiator caps to finish off your new high performance radiator installation. Finally, be sure to add some DeWitts High Performance coolant to your order to protect your cooling system and help it achieve maximum thermal capabilities.


    DeWitts Radiator Application Guide:

    1967-1972 Chevrolet C10 Pickup/Suburban

    32-1139018M (Pro Series Direct Fit®, natural finish, no cooler)

    32-1139018A (Pro Series Direct Fit®, natural finish, auto trans cooler)

    32-1239018M (Pro Series Direct Fit®, Black Ice finish, no cooler)

    32-1239018A (Pro Series Direct Fit®, Black Ice finish, auto trans cooler)

    32-4139018M (Pro Series Direct Fit®, dual 11-inch fans, single natural finish, no cooler)

    32-4139018A (Pro Series Direct Fit®, dual 11-inch fans, natural finish, auto trans cooler)

    32-4239018M (Pro Series Direct Fit®, dual 11-inch fans, Black Ice finish, no cooler) 

    32-4239018A (Pro Series Direct Fit®, dual 11-inch fans, Black Ice finish, auto trans cooler)


    1967-1972 C10

    Radiator Style:

    Single Pass

    Radiator Flow Direction:


    Material Type:


    Inlet Location:

    Driver side

    Outlet Location:

    Passenger side

    Row Quantity:


    Tube Size:


    Core Width:


    Core Height:


    Overall Width:


    Core Thickness:


    Overall Thickness:


    Overall Height:


    Cap Included:




    Filler Neck Height:


    Inlet Size:


    Outlet Size:


    Cooler Thread Size:

    5/16” Inverted Flare

    California Proposition 65 Statement