1990-1996 Aluminum Radiator

  • 1990-1996 Aluminum Radiator
  • 1990-1996 Aluminum Radiator

Model: 1139090A (Automatic/double row)  $559.99

This new aluminum radiator features two rows of 1" tubes and press formed end tanks. This doubles the cooling capacity of the original single row units. This design eliminates failures due to cracked plastic end tanks and/or gasket leaks. This unit fits into the original mounting however GM did not allow any room for a thicker core and therefore it is impossible to make a true "direct fit". The upper two rubber cushions must be trimmed slightly to accommodate the larger core. We now include spacer plates and hardware so no shroud cutting is required!

Model: 1139090M (Manual/double row)  $529.99

Same radiator as above without transmission cooler 

Model: 1129090M (Manual/Single row)  $353.99

Introducing our new single row radiator which features one 1 1/2" tubes. This design increases cooling surfaces by 50% over the stock unit. An excellent choice for the economy minded customer that wants to eliminate failures from plastic end tanks and gasket leaks. This unit use the same full size aluminum end tanks from our double row, increasing fluid capacity.

Model: 1129090A (Auto/Single row)   $383.99

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