C7 Corvette Oil Cooler

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Oil Cooler
  • Bolt-on engine oil cooling solution for C7 Corvette applications
  • Fits all models/trim levels and with auto or manual transmission, including Z06
  • Fully welded core with no gaskets or epoxy construction
  • Serpentine cooling fins deliver optimum airflow across core tubes for cooling
  • Single row double pass core design with AN -10 inlet and outlet fittings on driver’s side
  • Replaces stock oil to water cooling with oil to air for maximum cooling benefit
  • Removes load from cooling system, lowering coolant temperature
  • Includes cooler, thermostatic adapter, precut hoses with fittings, water line union
  • Mounts in front nose area with minor drilling of surrounding plastics
  • Includes detailed, full color instructions for an easy installation
  • Compliments other cooling upgrades like DeWitts radiator and electric cooling fan

Cool Your C7 Corvette in the Harshest of Track Environments

Corvettes do many things quite well. From hot lapping the drag strip to stretching its legs on the road course, or even taking in a cross-country road trip, the Corvette has the power, handling, braking, and comfort to handle anything you can throw at it. During extended high rpm driving engine oil temperatures can increase to dangerous levels, often exceeding the capabilities of the stock oil-to-water cooler built into the C7 Corvette’s radiator. This high engine oil temperature will also cause the engine coolant temperature to increase significantly during this time as well. Separating the engine oil cooler from the cooling system greatly helps both fluid temperatures.

Adding a DeWitt’s Direct-Fit® radiator is certainly a step in the right direction for your 2014-2019 C7 Corvette. However, if you really like to push your C7’s engine hard you may have noticed your engine oil temperature and engine coolant temperature rising to concerning levels. Adding our C7 Corvette engine oil cooler to your Corvette takes the load off your cooling system and will provide extra volume to your C7 Corvette oil capacity. Additional cooling of your engine’s oil will keep high engine coolant and oil temps seen during extended rpm use at bay and keep you on track.


Built Just Like Our C7 Corvette Radiators for Optimum Efficiency

Fully welded with no epoxy or other sub-standard assembly methods, our C7 Corvette engine oil cooler features a double pass configuration single core tube design sandwiched with our highly efficient serpentine cooling fins. This design, like our full size radiators, provides maximum heat transfer to the air flowing through the engine oil cooler’s core. Our C7 oil cooler is sized to provide maximum surface area while fitting within the confines of the mounting area behind the front bumper cover. Adding our engine oil cooler to your 2014-2019 Corvette will not only lower engine oil temperatures during heavy load, but you will see a decrease in coolant temperatures as well since the engine’s coolant is no longer seeing the additional thermal load of having to cool the engine oil. Speaking of coolant, be sure to add some DeWitts High Performance coolant to your order to protect your cooling system and help it achieve maximum thermal capabilities.


Bolt In Installation You Can Handle Before Your Next Track Day

Installing the DeWitts C7 Corvette air-to-oil cooler upgrade couldn’t be much easier. The oil cooler assembly comes ready for fitment on your Corvette and includes pre-made AN -10 oil cooler hoses with heat sleeve material already installed. Full color instructions provide all the details on mounting the oil cooler, routing the cooler lines, and installing the 6061-T6 billet aluminum oil cooler adapter block on your C7 Corvette’s engine. We offer our C7 oil cooler in two different versions, one with a 180-degree thermostatic adapter (PN 32-8119001ES180) and one with a 212-degree thermostatic adapter (PN 32-8119001ES212). These high quality billet aluminum oil cooler adapters bypass the oil cooler until reaching the listed temperatures, where at that point direct the oil to the cooler assembly. So, there is no need to worry about over cooling your engine’s oil during normal driving or in low ambient temperatures.


Kit includes:

  • 1-Oil cooler
  • 2-10 AN hoses
  • 2-10 AN adapter fittings
  • 1-8 AN hex plug
  • 1-Oil cooler adapter block
  • 1-Oil cooler adapter block gasket
  • 2-Oil cooler adapter block mounting bolts
  • 1-Coolant line union adapter

C7 Oil Cooler

Radiator Style:

Double Pass

Radiator Flow Direction:


Material Type:


Inlet Location:

Driver side end tank

Outlet Location:

Driver side end tank

Row Quantity:


Tube Size:

42mm stuffed tube

Core Width:


Core Height:


Overall Width:


Core Thickness:


Overall Thickness:


Overall Height:


Cap Included:




Filler Neck Height:


Inlet Size:

-10 Male AN

Outlet Size:

-10 Male AN

Cooler Thread Size:

AN -10

California Proposition 65 Statement