SP002 Dual fan brackets

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  • Press formed aluminum mounting brackets
  • Designed to mount SPAL dual electric fans to radiator core hat channel
  • Fits crossflow style radiators with vertical end tanks only
  • Mounting hardware for brackets to radiator channel included

The Perfect Mounting Solution for Dual Fan Systems

Traditional fan mounts often utilize pass through retainers that must be pushed through the core’s cooling fins. These one-time use retainers place all the weight of the fans and shroud on the radiator core’s coolant tubes. Between the weight of the fans and shroud and the vibration of the fans in use this will eventually spell disaster for your radiator as these pass through retainers rub and eventually wear through your radiator core’s cooling tubes, creating a leak.

We highly recommend a more secure method of retaining your cooling fan(s) directly to the radiator, which is why we have designed these easy to use dual fan mounting brackets. Our electric radiator fan mounting kit features a press bent bracket design for not only a great look, but a perfect fit on any crossflow radiator that utilizes a traditional GM hat channel design at the top and bottom of the radiator core. We designed our brackets to compliment the SPAL dual electric fans assembly with the correct length mounting area and pre-drilled mounting holes that match the molded screw holes of the shroud on the SPAL fans for an easy bolt-on solution. Add our mounting brackets to your dual fan shroud and then attach the completed assembly to your radiator with the included tapping screws. Easy and secure, with no potential for damage to your radiator’s core tubes or fins.

The kit includes two brackets, one for each channel of the core support, and mounting screws to attach the brackets to your fan shroud and radiator’s hat channels. The natural finish aluminum can be polished, painted, anodized or powder coated to compliment any engine compartment look or color scheme.

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