SP460 Dual Fan Kit

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  • Dual 11-inch high performance brushed fans move 2,720 cfm of air
  • Fits any crossflow GM radiator fitment with traditional hat channel design
  • Works with stock and DeWitts Direct Fit® Pro and HP radiators, may fit other brands
  • Includes two fan wiring harnesses with relays and temperature switch
  • Custom aluminum mounting brackets make installation easy

An Easy Dual Cooling Fan Solution for Any GM Crossflow Radiator Design

Replacing an engine driven fan with a SPAL radiator fan is a terrific way to maintain cooling system temperature stability, as the electric cooling fan can be controlled manually or via a temperature switch, providing optimal cooling no matter if the car is at speed or idling. Plus, with the removal of the engine driven fan, fan clutch, and fan spacer you free up a lot of under hood space, allowing engine swaps, thicker radiators, serpentine drive conversions, and more to fit without creating installation headaches. Adding a custom-fitted fan shroud to your electric cooling fan solution makes installation easier while improving air flow through your radiator’s core for the best cooling ability.

Our dual fan kit is designed to mount to any GM crossflow radiator that utilizes the original “hat channel” design across the top and bottom of the radiator core. This hollow channel adds strength to the core and is often used by GM for mounting fan shrouds or securing the radiator to the core support via brackets. This kit uses a pair of 11-inch SPAL electric fans that pull 2,720 cfm through your radiator core to keep your temps in check. The included composite fan shrouds that house the two fans provide substantial radiator core coverage, maximizing airflow through the radiator’s core. Air pressure relief flaps are fitted to allow air to pass through at speed to prevent air stalling against the fan blades. These flaps close during low speed driving or when stopped to optimize air flow through the core by the fan’s blades.

All SPAL fans feature IP68 rated waterproof and sealed motors that are fully balanced with low-noise blade designs. Designed to bolt directly to your stock or DeWitts Direct Fit® Pro Series or HP Series aluminum crossflow radiator (and may fit other brands of aftermarket radiators using the GM hat channel design) with the included press bent aluminum brackets and hardware. Also included are two fan wiring harnesses with relays along with a 195 degree fan temperature switch.

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