C7 Corvette + Upgrades

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Our new 19" brushless fan is simple to install and features "plug and play" wiring. No re-programming or splicing is required. This fan replaces the stock 14" 600 watt fan with an impressive 835 watt fan motor for more CFM when you need it. The custom aluminum shroud now covers 100% of the core face utilizing all the radiator area and it looks incredible when showing off the engine bay! The stock hood duct is eliminated for clearance.

32-SP477 All (except 70mm radiator) $899.99

32-SP478 With DeWitts 70mm radiator $899.99

Watch an informational video about our fan upgrade below!


Maximize your cooling system and reduce faults by installing our new exclusive combo cooler. The factory location of the automatic transmission cooler has untapped potential for both A8 and M7 Corvettes. DeWitts new combination cooler is custom designed to fit under the front fascia and mount in the same area as the automatic transmission cooler. By trimming a small portion of the radiator shroud we are able to fit a taller unit in this location and use the original mounting hardware. The options are as follows:

32-TC Trans/Coolant
This package features a cooling section for A8 transmission fluid and a second section for Engine coolant. This is a complete kit, that includes Direct Fit aluminum lines for the transmission connections and 5/8" heater hoses.

32-C7AUX Auxiliary Radiator
This new kit is for the manual transmission (M7) models only. A secondary radiator under the front fascia will provide additional cooling for performance racing without coolant faults. This radiator will require minor trimming to the interior duct and the lower deflector. Cutting instructions are included.

32-1139114M Radiator
Upgrade your cooling system with our new 57mm double row aluminum radiator for all C7 Corvettes. This new Direct Fit® radiator features serpentine fin and special dimpled cooling tubes. These dimples create turbulence as coolant passes through the tube. Turbulent flow is a proven method to increase heat transfer over the standard lamar flow method. The thicker core increases tube-to-fin surface area and the all aluminum construction eliminates plastic end tanks and gasket failures. The larger capacity end tanks hold one additional gallon of coolant to help dissipate heat.

32-1149114M Radiator (70mm) Racing
The above HP model require trimming of the plastic fan shroud to allow for the thicker radiator. Instructions included. Click HERE for instructions

32-9139007M Heat Exchanger (Z06 only)
Reduce intake temperatures with this efficient heat exchanger. The system holds more fluid in the heat exchanger with increased tube-to-fin contact area. This will allow the supercharger to be more efficient while in boost and cool down faster after high boost runs.

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C7 Corvette + Upgrades

Regular price $899.99